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Breakfast room

Do you want us to cook?

To start the day, enjoy our a la carte breakfast. In it, you will find everything you need to satisfy your appetite.


Coffee machine (express, capuccino, with milk, cut, American, chocolate, hot water) In addition there are envelopes of decaffeinated coffee, nesquik and Cola-cao.
Juice machine (orange nectar and Multifrutas)
Cold water osmosis
Cold cow's milk
Soy milk
Infusions (black, green and red tea, pennyroyal, lime and chamomile)
Cereals (muesli, Kellogs, honey)
Two flavors of jams, honey and butter
Hot food (potato omelet with onions, bacon, mini sausages, boiled eggs)
Cheese (sliced ​​and sliced ​​Edam)
Cut sausages (sweet ham, chorizo, turkey, sausages, mortadella)
Stuffed in piece (ham of reservation reserve and longaniza de pays)
Cut fruit (pineapple, melon and watermelon, depending on the season)
Fruit in piece (kiwi and / or orange, according to season)
Nuts (hazelnut, walnuts, prunes without stones and raisins)
Bread (normal mold, integral mold, village bread, whole ciabatta)
Brioixeria (croissants, mini chocolate muffins, mini sugar donuts, mini napolitanas of cream and chocolate, muffins, cookies and milk bread)

Bon appétit !!!